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Zion Temple

Zion Temple Worship Centres are revival–driven Churches planted by the Authentic Word Ministries International around the world according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This Ministry started its church planting program in 1999 Kigali . Since then other Zion Temple Churches have been planted respectively : in Arusha (Tanzania ) , Burundi , Congo , Denmark, London,Sweden and Brussels and in France.

(Psalm 132:13-14). Indeed there is a well-known slogan mong Zion Temple members that says “Zion Temple, the place where God is”.

“The fire is kept burning on the altar continuously , it does not go out” (Leviticus 6:6). The vision of Zion Temple Church is the same as the vision of the Authentic word Ministries International .The vision is to “ Prepare the the Bride of Christ to meet the Groom.” (Amos 4:12).

The goals of Zion Temple church are :

Speak the Authentic Word of GodAutomatic word wrap Equip and empower the belivers (spirituallu and socially)Automatic word wrap Collect errors that have been made in the pastAutomatic word wrap Preach the Message of the KingdomAutomatic word wrap Zion Temple Celebration Centre of Kigali has two weekly fellowship services and daily intercession and evangelization. Included also are special programs such as fasting prayers or overnight prayers. Many people attend these worship services ; Sunday the Church hall is full ; up to more than five thousand people attend.

This church is now Fifteen years old but what has been accomplished in these five years is beyond human understanding. It is indeed “….not by mi might nor by power, but by the Spirit”. (Zachariah 4:6). Many nationals and foreigners have conducted investigations and researches to discover why this church seems to be different from other contemporary churches. In the same spirit we tried to learn more about this wonderful calling.

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